Thursday, October 7, 2010

Advantages n Disadvantages of Existing System

2.3 Existing System Advantages and Disadvantages

¥           Disadvantages:
There are numbers of disadvantages of exiting institute system. The existing system has several modules like admission, schedule, library, account etc. All these modules currently run manually and on basis of paper.
The institute management system, every year admit approximately more than 500 students. Institute has more than 1400 students every year including F.Y., S.Y., and T.Y. The exiting institute system is based on paper work. And the documentation of current system is traditional documentation and management (File type). The data of more than 1400 students is very difficult to maintain. And every year the number of students is increases. There are many drawbacks of current system. The existing system contains attendance module which is actually paper base and it has several downsides like misplacement of attendance sheet, time consuming etc. The current system has not any facility like intranet. Because of this disadvantage, students cannot get any information about attendance and assignment notification, user control and security, event notification, data and material sharing and many more option. In the institute, all the library work is done by manually. All the books should have barcode number and they should be registered in computer too. The most of the time is consume in issuing books and its documentation. To maintain all the data about students and its books, it means the data of students account is very difficult to maintain.
As describe above, all the drawbacks of the existing institute management system should convert in advantages. And because of these several disadvantages, there is a robust requirement of new computerized system.

¥       Advantages:

The current existing system has some of few advantages which are like less hardware and software required, cheap in comparison of computerized system.
In the current system most of work are done by manually and based on paper. Because of these reason the requirement of hardware and software is very less. And the requirement of hardware and software so less that’s why the cost of the system is low in comparison of computerized system.

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